At one time, having a “side job” meant a little extra cash to help with the family income without much consideration to reporting these at tax time. These days, having a side job is known as “side hustling”, and it is quickly becoming a popular first step towards entrepreneurship.

A side hustle can include anything from house-cleaning to chauffeuring to freelance writing to hoteling. It can include ventures such as AirBnB, Uber and TaskRabbit, to name a few. If you’re in this category of business, or have any sort of business or hobby on the side, you should be declaring them at tax time.

For many Canadians, entering into parenthood is not only an emotional roller coaster but also brings some trepidation about how to financially support a family in today’s economy. Couples who are planning a family need to prepare for more than the colour of the baby’s room. There are many expenses to consider from childcare to saving for University.